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Study # 1 
The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Creativity at Work

This first study is a longitudinal, narrative inquiry study asking participants to share their story of workplace abuse and reflect upon a time working in a creative environment that encouraged intellectual risk-taking. THIS STUDY HAS CONCLUDED.

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Enjoying Nature

Study # 2 
The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Belonging at Work and Belonging to Self

This is a follow-up study that explores the impact of workplace bullying on targets' sense of belonging to their work community and themselves. Please click on this LINK to participate.

Image by Ben Blennerhassett

Study # 3 
Voice of Sexual Assault Survivors on a College Campus

In an effort to give survivors of sexual assault a voice and develop a deeper understanding of the prevalence, reporting, response, and long-term impact of sexual assault on college students, this study aims to collect the anonymous narratives of sexual assault survivors. If you would like to share your story anonymously, please click this LINK to participate.  

Parallel Lines

The Voices of Sexual Assault Survivors Across College and University Campuses Across the United States 

The goal of our study is to create space for current and past college and university students within the United States who were sexually assaulted while enrolled in school to tell their story. By analyzing the quantitative data and coding the extended qualitative narratives, we hope to develop a deeper understanding of survivors’ experiences surrounding the assault, the impact of college and university size and geographic location on the number of assaults, the various reporting practices, and the consequences of basing preventative and educational funding solely on reported numbers, which research indicates are grossly inaccurate. If you would like to participate anonymously in this study, please click this LINK.

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